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    to SCC's Greenhorn Valley Shorthand website!

A shorthand learning website that will offer classroom instruction, timed dictation practices, reading materials, teaching links, chat room and message board discussions, a collection of images from shorthandís past and fun drawing rooms of original shorthand art.

This site is dedicated to all shorthand writers around the world who wish to pursue their skill of speedwriting, acquire accurate note-taking abilities and capture a consistent and unique talent for the art of graceful writing.

Spuddy, The Shorthand Ferret

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Regardless of the version or type of shorthand you have learned, the purpose of this website is to assist in your personal development by including a variety of practice rooms for your specific shorthand needs.

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If youíre not currently a shorthand writer, but have a desire to learn, keep checking the website for shorthand class enrollment announcements. Shorthand is easy to learn and youíll enjoy mastering a secret language you can use the rest of your life.

Enjoy this website; it is designed especially with you in mind. Itís the perfect place to visit everyday to concentrate on reaching your goals. Just 15 minutes a day can confidently bring the results you want as youíre faithful to a plan that works with your own personal schedule.

Feel free to email me with any of your shorthand questions. Be sure to bookmark this page as one of your favorites, visit regularly and continue to watch us grow.

Best wishes for your personal success,

Ms. Letha Sanders
DJS Website Shorthand Teacher
Rye, Colorado

Visitor & Classmate Challenge!

Let others read your "Diamond Jubilee" handwritten shorthand. Write a poem, short story or letter to help other shorthand writers increase their reading skills. You can also write your shorthand directly from the Self-Dictation Room. Once written, scan your shorthand and email to the web administrator who will post your shorthand writing and authorship for the public's eye.

Thank you for participating.

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