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01 George Spink
  Website: Club Alibi Email: 

You have my permission to link to my web site. I am glad you like the music on my Club Alibi web site. This music is from the mid-1950s, when I was attending J. Sterling Morton High School in Cicero, Illinois (Class of 1958). I hope it helps you learn shorthand.

I admire those of you who are studying Gregg Shorthand today. The trick is to practice, practice, practice! Don't skip class, don't skip homework. Work hard. One day you'll be very glad you did!

Enjoy the Music! Tuxedo Junction -; The Swing Era -; Swingin' at the Junction -; The Flatted Fifth -; Club Alibi -; St. Leonard Class of 1954 -; Never On Friday - http://stleonard1954.n35/neveronfriday; George's Home Page -

02 Jerry Mac
  Website: Email: 
  We are always glad to help students interested in learning.  We believe that what you are doing is a good thing and wish you much success.  The only way we can keep as many free services we offer to entertainers and fans is by folks like you visiting some of our advertisers.  So we ask all visitors to visit at least one of the advertisers being brought to you through us by Google Adsense.  Additional CD purchases can also be found at and

03 Barry McCabe
  Website: BarryMcCabe.Com Email: 
  Give me a shout when you have it up and running. It's quite decent of you to ask beforehand about linking. It's quite to our advantage too that you link to us so why wouldn't we be happy that you want to do so. Good luck with everything and if you have any further questions or if you think I can be of any other help to you, please feel free to contact me. Discount on CDs....$5 price for each CD as long as all 3 CDs are purchased.

04 Ron King
  Website: FolkOfTheWood.Com Email: 

You have my permission...hope it works out for you and your class. Additionally, if I can ever assist you with any type of promotions, let me know.

05 Nicole Pemantle
  Website: Email: 
  You most certainly have permission to use my songs for your students. I am pleased to think of my songs being used to help in the classroom. Regarding purchases, if several students do want to purchase CDs, they should do it as a group if possible (one order, one payment), because if I only need to send one mailing, I can waive the shipping fee.

06 Doyle Bates
  Website: DoyleBates.CheapTricks.Net Email: 
  To Add Info...

07 Primarily A Cappella
  Website: Singers.Com Email: 

Vocal music is one of the oldest and most universal art forms. Primarily A Cappella is dedicated to the discovery, dissemination and celebration of the best vocal music from around the globe.


08 Rita Toews
  Website: Domokos.Com Email: 

My own stories - Charlies Herd ( and Bill and the Schoolyard Romance ( I can, and do, give you permission to use. If you purchase a copy of Kelly's Baby Brother and/or a copy of Christmas Stars, you can put up the text of the one(s) you purchase.

I'll also send you the cover photo to put up. You may do this if you link back to my site where the books appear for sale. I can allow you to do it page by page in Gregg Shorthand, as we previously discussed. Good luck! You have a lot of work ahead of you.

You can link the Christmas Stars cover to and Kelly's Baby Brother to :// You can go to my web site at and click on the links for Kelly's Baby Brother and Christmas Stars. That takes you to the publisher. I believe you can pay with a credit card for both.


09 Cheryl Wood
  Website: CWFashionJewelry.Com Email: 
  Wire jewelry custom designed to fit you using the finest gold and silver wire at wholesale prices you can afford. Wire jewelry using Gemstones, Pearls, Cameos and Dichroic Glass.

10 Tim Crook
  Website:  Ma-RadioGold.AC.UK Email: 

Happy to help out since our resource encourages people to do shorthand and in the field of journalism training, more journalists everywhere should have the skill.

Well you are more than welcome to link to and use all the files on the ma-radio web site concerning shorthand for free. I should add some more dictation drills and at higher speeds. And this is something I should work on in the next few months.

I am working in public/higher education and the material released on the web is in the spirit of global exchange of information. If you want to be associated with the files and have my endorsement, that's no problem at all.

The best of luck with your enterprise and teaching initiatives.

11 Mark Greenberg
  Website: SpeedBuilders.Com Email: 
  Donation of Legal Dictation wav files. To add more info...

12 Mario Farina
  Website: Capital.Net Email: 
  Dictation wav files. To add more info...

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13 Wendy Thourson
  Website: Stenograph.Com Email: 
  Donation of Medical Dictation files. To add more info...

14 Contributor
  Website:  MaybeThisXmas.Com Email: 
  To add info...

15 4Praise.Coms
  Website: FreePraiseAndWorsip.Com Email: 
  To add info...

16 Public Domain
  Website: ShorthandClasses.Com Email: 

Some images, mp3 recordings and documents shown or used on this website have been donated by individuals using public domain material that is useful for educational purposes.

Contributors donating dictation recordings and preferring that their personal identity not be publicized are thankfully acknowledged here.

17 WorshipSong.Com
  Website: WorshipSong.Com Email: 
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18 Contributor
  Website: Website Address Here Email: 
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19 Benson Sound
  Website:  BensonSound.Com Email: 
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20 Contributor
  Website: Website Address Here Email: 
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21 Ray Watson
  Website:  SecretPlaceMinistries.Org Email: 
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22 WBNashville
  Website: WBRNashville.Com Email: 
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23 Contributor
  Website: Website Address Here Email: 
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24 Brickyard Blues
  Website: BrickYardBlues.Com Email: 
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