Learning Shorthand
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  • What's a short definition of shorthand and why would you want
           to use it today?
  • The origin of shorthand is applicable to all Gregg versions.  
           What is its origin and why isn't it explained in all versions
           of the shorthand manuals?

  • What are the differences and similarities between the
           English alphabet and the shorthand alphabet?

  • Is size and shape important in shorthand?  Explain how the
           music scale converts to all personal writing styles.

  • Is there a secret to learning shorthand so I don't have to rely
           on my shorthand dictionary?  Absolutely!

  • I'm a slow learner and taking online courses is not the best
           learning solution for me.  What are my alternatives?   Is there
           a method I can use to help me learn shorthand more effectively?

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