Welcome to the Reading Rooms!

If you wish to donate reading material,
  1. Shorthand Writing:  Gregg Shorthand, Diamond Jubilee Series for all pages EXCEPT "Shorthand Variety" categories.
  2. Other Shorthand Versions or Writing Types:  Displayed from "Shorthand Variety" directory.
  3. Page Limits:  Maximum 6; minimum 1.
  4. Page content:  Minimum of 10 sentences; no profanity.
  5. Paper Size:  Smallest 6x9; largest 8-1/2x11 (notebook paper).
  6. Paper Type:  Ruled or unruled; preferably white background, yet your preference.
A complete shorthand donation includes:
  1. Your scanned shorthand pages.  You can make each page a separate scan or create a continuous one-page document.
  2. A typed "English Transcription" of your shorthand work.  Format is your preference.
  3. "Preview Pages" of word lists and shorthand symbols.  Page layout is your preference.
  4. Sending your submission to The Shorthand Staff via email, snail mail or fax.  Submission type is your preference.

Your reading pages will be posted for public reading between 530-675 pixels wide.  In addition, your personal or company contact information will be included to the Contributor's Page with a link from your donation pages.  You may be contacted at a later time for more information you wish added to your Contributor space.

Thank you for using this web site for public posting of shorthand reading material and benefiting the entire shorthand community.

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