Welcome to the Shopping Rooms!

When you wish to order shorthand name jewelry,
  1. Check the "Shorthand Names Database" to see if your name appears there.
  2. If your name appears, it means the custom jewelry company already has your shorthand name as part of their shorthand portfolio and does not need to obtain any graphics from ShorthandClasses.Com before sculpting can begin on your jewelry piece.   Just click on the jewelry picture icon to place your order.   Should you have questions, a specialized hand-sculptor can answer all inquiries via email from the picture link shorthand jewelry screens.
  3. If your name does not appear, please forward the correct English spelling of your name and the best pronunciation possible.  Example:  Paula Pensilla  (Paw luhh, Pen seal uhh).   If you have any questions in general concerning your personalized shorthand name, please email  ShorthandClasses Staff  directly.
  4. We want you to be satisfied with your hand-sculpted, personalized shorthand jewelry and your feedback on the craftsmanship is welcomed.
When you wish to order shorthand name clothing,
  1. Click on the t-shirt picture icon.  This link will take you to a shorthand gallery of names screen.
  2. Once you've located your name, play with customizing the shirt of your choice.  The website logo must remain on the back of your selected garment as a source of advertisement.
  3. If you do not find your name in the gallery, please notify the "ShorthandClasses Staff" using the above email link and you will soon be informed when your name is ready for viewing.  Asking for your personalized shorthand name does not obligate you in any way to purchase a garment.
  4. After purchasing your garment, please provide us with an email feedback on the quality of the material and printing.  Thank you.
Dictation Discs are not available for ordering at this time.  Keep checking back.

Shorthand Document Helps are not available for ordering at this time.  Keep watching.

The Ebay Auction Screens are always available for browsing.  However, our website auction items are not yet available.  Your patience is appreciated while our website is undergoing continuous growth.

Thank you for visiting our "Shorthand Shopping Room."  Please continue to peek-in on us as we stretch our efforts to expand the pleasure of shorthand shopping for everyone!

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