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Below are the shorthand symbols that were used to create the ferret, Baby Boy Spud!  A variation of brief forms, phrases and favorite shorthand symbols were used.

Toes & Claws
Which, there, these, in, of, thick, left-s, you, the, oh

Throughout, ever, publication, was, what, order, yet, idea, it, regular, recognize, yarn, on, railroad, whatever, have been

Question, your, at, general, thank, send, group, stub, pleasure

Immediate, character, whatever, subject, must, with, cove, input, year, such, important, responsible, success, several, says, gone, have, men, is, circular, not

Neck & Chest
Be, put, very, during, state, record, gone, request

Top of Head, Face & Jaw
Regard, purpose, about, wreck, shall, than, his, the, big, between, railroad, well, I

Not, am, shall, morning, inning

Enclose, can, which, you, of, use, what, for

Back (includes back of head & neck)
When, worth, success, hour, several, railroad, axis, publication, egg, a, rig, that, can, good, where, you, key, correspond, there, glad, street, gladly

One, immediate, organize, next, ordinary, world, upon, business, but, for, time, their, the, great, thing, an, satisfactory, to have, advantage, crease, from

Ms. Letha Sanders
1 August 2004

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